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Motivational Interviewing Services Knoxville, TN

Motivational Interviewing

Find out how our motivational interviewing services in Knoxville can help you heal.

your mental health & wellness matters. your mental health & wellness matters. your mental health & wellness matters. your mental health & wellness matters.
your mental health & wellness matters. your mental health & wellness matters. your mental health & wellness matters. your mental health & wellness matters.

Motivational Interviewing knoxville, tn

Mental health issues impact over fifty-one million Americans, and thirteen million have symptoms so severe they cannot get through their daily lives without impact. With the right treatment, this can be changed. At Sanctuary Mental Health & Wellness, we offer motivational interviewing in Tennessee to help you address mental health disorders.

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experiential therapies knoxville, tn

Many forms of therapy can be beneficial in treating mental health disorders. Experiential therapy in Tennessee applies to a range of modalities that can be used in addition to traditional individual and group therapy. 

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understanding Motivational Interviewing
What is Motivational
Interviewing in Tennessee?

Tennessee motivational interviewing is a form of counseling designed to motivate you to make positive changes. This client-centered therapeutic modality is particularly effective for things like mood disorders or personality disorders where you might otherwise need clarification on making changes. 

It’s not uncommon for people with severe mental health disorders to become comfortable and familiar with their symptoms and not necessarily want to change right away. Clients often worry that they’ll lose who they really are if they take medication. 

Motivational interviewing in Tennessee can help you appreciate that symptoms of a mental health disorder are not something with which you should be comfortable, and making positive changes by taking medication, doing homework, and adapting coping skills and stress management techniques can bring out who you truly are and help you live a fulfilling life. 

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Principles of Tennessee
Motivational Interviewing

Steven Rollnick and William Miller originally developed the techniques used in motivational interviewing in Tennessee as a way to help people take responsibility for alcohol recovery. 


To facilitate a more effective recovery, the founders argued that this modality needed to be collaborative and respect the fact that every client has autonomy. That is why when you start Tennessee motivational interviewing, you will realize that your counselor or therapist is not there to confront you about your mental health issues or demand that you make changes but rather to encourage you to do things that are healthier for you. 


Motivation for real change comes from within. You won't alter your behavior if a therapist just tells you it's what's best or yells at you for missing a session. It's the job of your counselor to help you find your reasons for change and why you came to our facility for help in the first place. 


With Tennessee motivational interviewing, your sessions will emphasize that you have complete autonomy and control over your change. You have to take action to change your behavior, and that action requires work. Throughout your recovery, you'll be taught what skills can be useful in managing symptoms or what medications might help you with a panic attack, but you have personal responsibility over your actions.

  • If you are given medication, it's up to you to take it as prescribed and not to stop taking it prematurely.
  • If you participate in cognitive behavioral therapy, it's up to you to do your homework and fill out your journal so that you can talk about it with your therapist in the next session.
  • If you are taught coping skills through mindfulness and meditation, it's up to you to apply them when you are triggered or encounter stress outside of your therapy sessions.

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When is Motivational Interviewing Used?

Studies have found that motivational interviewing is an effective treatment for a variety of mental health issues. You can incorporate motivational interviewing services into treatment for:

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the benefits
Benefits of Motivational Interviewing

Ongoing scientific reviews have found that motivational interviewing can be integrated into any mental health treatment plan. If you participate in motivational interviewing, you are more likely to engage in your treatment and comply with any medication management.

Motivational interviewing helps you refocus your thoughts and energy on your current condition and the improvements you want to make to your quality of life. 

For example, suppose you are struggling with a major depressive disorder, and your thoughts are consumed with feelings of hopelessness. In that case, your sessions might help you focus on improving relationships or being successful at work and what those things might look like. 

Tennessee motivational interviewing also helps you adapt to different situations. As you integrate things like self-efficacy, optimism, and avoiding confrontation, you are better able to solve problems when they arise instead of getting stuck. 

Motivational interviewing also helps you better react to negative experiences. Things will always be outside your control, but how you respond to those negative experiences will shape you. 

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Stories of Healing
what to expect

What to Expect with Motivational Interviewing

Feeling stuck or pressured to make changes during mental health treatment is not uncommon. You might not have the necessary coping skills, or you might be considering what behavioral changes might mean for your long term.

During your Tennessee motivational interviewing sessions, counselors will help you explore your feelings through four basic techniques:

Open-Ended Questions

By asking open-ended questions, your therapist will help you figure out how you truly feel about making changes or why you want things to be different, whether you have tried to change your behavior in the past or what your relationships look like. The questions you receive are personalized to your situation, mental health disorders, and treatment goals. 


During your Tennessee motivational interviewing sessions, your counselor will acknowledge when you've made positive behavioral changes. These affirmations show support and extend respect to you and your progress.


It's not uncommon for counselors to express empathy. You will know when your therapist is really listening to you and trying to better appreciate where you're coming from because of the way they reflect on your contributions.


Another part of that reflection involves summaries where your therapist confirms that they understand your point of view by summarizing what you have shared, linking different topics from other sessions or earlier in a session, and continuing to help you open up through open-ended questions. 

If you are hesitant to make behavioral changes, motivational interviewing sessions can help you explore those feelings without judgment and figure out what your personal motivation is for changing.

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your mental health & wellness matters. your mental health & wellness matters. your mental health & wellness matters. your mental health & wellness matters.
your mental health & wellness matters. your mental health & wellness matters. your mental health & wellness matters. your mental health & wellness matters.
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